Saturday, January 23, 2010

So, I guess its been a while since I have blogged. Amongst the many projects I have been working on, my writing has been lacking. I am almost finished pinning the fabric to the ottoman and chair I'm attempting to make a slipcover for. This has been an ultimate challenge especially since it's hard to keep the kiddos from jumping up and down on it. The pins don't seem to deter them:-

Having to go to Wally World yesterday was an interesting trip. I held a couple of conversations with ladies whom I didn't know, and some rather disturbing information was sent my way. Mmm... get ready for this: So, apparantely in the domestic section of the store there are baskets made of animal hair. That's right, not rawhide or anything like that, but animal hair. The kind woman at the fabric counter forlaid that to me. I'll have to remind myself to look the next time I'm there. I told her I have heard of people saving cat hair and felting it, but how on earth does one make a basket out of it??

Another one of those things which makes you go hmmm....

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